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  1. Resources for Learning About PPC

    The blogs to note are: the overall search blog Inside Search, which features updates to search result layout and other interface changes, Inside AdWords, the Agency Blog, the Merchant Blog (if you’re using Product Extensions), and the Google...

  2. Goodzer Launch In-Store Product Search Map for New York City Shoppers

    Search results display product pricing, real-time in-stock status, and distance to the retailer through full integration with Google's Maps and Street View. Goodzer has a clean and simple interface and incorporates Google Maps and Google Streetview...

  3. 5 Reasons You Should Get Your AdWords Professional Certification

    Google recently launched a beta search tool to help prospective advertisers find a Certified AdWords Professional. You'll be Included in the Google AdWords Professional Search The AdWords Online Training site covers things like Conversion Optimizer...

  4. SEM Success In 10 Minutes A Day

    Doing something with it is obviously better than doing nothing, and by claiming and verifying the listing, you're giving Google the indicators they need to start seeing you as a competitor in your local market.

  5. Top ten stories from SES New York – Day 4

    John Battelle on Google Universal Search at SES NY 2008 Though most experts agree there will be no 'Google Killer,' there will be several emerging technologies that will shape the way we search, find and retain content.