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  1. Adding Negatives: How to Filter Out Bad Paid Search Clicks & Prospects

    It’s a quick way to build out some custom lists and apply them across campaigns. Several blogs and tools provide readymade keyword lists that you can copy or buy, making it easier to apply quickly. Engine Ready put together this comprehensive...

  2. SearchDay | President 2.0

    Think of it as the Techmeme for deals on the web, with a Google custom search engine to boot. Blog Content Influences Consumer Buying Behavior Posted by Greg Jarboe Nov 14, 2008 New market research has found that blog readers are strongly...

  3. SearchDay | Obama is Winning the Internet War

    With the API, lenders can automate custom quotes to borrowers submitting loan requests. Blogs 4. Search Engine Watch Experts Columns News from the Search Engine Watch Blog Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

  4. Link Marketing -- Solve a Customer Problem

    Improve the results by allowing businesses to edit and have their own custom training guides. Let's not forget all the lost mentions (links) from business publications and blogs. Not only will you walk away with the knowledge and skills to be a...

  5. Yahoo Launches BOSS: Build your Own Search Service

    The third tier is BOSS Custom, a program where Yahoo will work with a very limited set of partners to customize their integration of Yahoo's results into their own search engines. Over time, Yahoo expects to begin offering "knobs" that will allow...

  6. Google's Adsense for Search Integrates Custom Search

    Quick and easy updates: You can now use the ad management feature in Adsense to control the settings for your custom search engine ads. Adsense for search is now integrating Custom Search. Examples include forums, blogs, or a network of sites.

  7. The Role of the Brand in Social Media Marketing

    Conversation is King – If you develop an application for use in social networks, or if you build a custom network, enable seamless conversations using the tools that users are familiar with. Also give them a way to connect back to you by...