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  1. Reality Check: Google Isn't 'Killing' Organic Search

    The FTC recently asked multiple search engines to evaluate the transparency of their paid products in search results as the SERPs continue to change: Not only are SERPs changing, but things that give users data about search behavior are changing, too.

  2. Bing Search Now Delivers Anywhere From 4 to 14 Results

    Google has experimented with seven results on many SERPs since last summer. Starting last week, Bing began changing up their search engine result pages (SERPs). Bottom Line: Dynamically Sized SERPs One thing is certain, as Bing continues to slowly...

  3. Social PR Tips to Get Fit for 2013 Digital Marketing

    Google is increasingly favoring local results in the SERPs that are personalized to the user’s exact geo location. If you are in the spotlight for good or bad reasons, utilize paid search to make your response the first result searchers are seeing...

  4. Gmail Messages to Appear in Google SERPs

    Thanks to the Knowledge Graph, we can now give you these different suggestions of real-world entities in the search box as you type,” noted Amit Singhal, SVP Google Search, on the blog post. Sometimes the best answer to your question isn’t...