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Google Reader Shared Items

  1. How to Create an Editorial Calendar That Will Grow Your Audience

    Consistency helps increase reader loyalty and interest. Excel, Google Calendar and your e-mail client, especially if it's networked with your writing team, are all options to create your content marketing calendar.

  2. Google to Pay $8.5 Million in Buzz Privacy Class Action Settlement

    At launch, Buzz automatically shared users' Picasa Web Albums and Google Reader items with their contacts. Google's attempt at challenging Facebook and Twitter in the social networking realm was greeted with hostility by privacy advocates after it...

  3. Google Reader's New Sharing Options (Plus a Shared Items Twitter Sharing Tip!)

    If you want to share your Google Reader shared items with your Twitter followers, I recommend using Google Reader unleashed new sharing options this week, continuing the slow but steady trend of turning the newsreader into a social...

  4. Welcome to Your Google-Branded Life

    Before settling down for the night, you check Google News, your feeds in Google Reader and Google Finance to stay informed with what's going on in the world and your portfolio. These are all items and offerings that currently exist in the Google...