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  1. Your Job Is to Make Google Look Good

    They carefully sculpt and craft their search results page with the goal of providing high-quality results. They know that improved quality helps them build stronger relationships and higher levels of activity with their users, and ultimately, this...

  2. How to Increase Conversions for Your Best (and Worst) Performing Keywords in 6 Steps

    Are they product centric ("link building tool" vs "link building") vs information gathering searches? Is it the quality of the content? Is it driving to a product download (which is too aggressive) when it should be a free report or newsletter signup?

  3. Google Social 'Layers', Google Fires Teen Stalker, Facebook/Microsoft Search Deal Rumor & More Search News

    Search quality can get better. Google will begin adding "layers" of social networking features starting this fall, rather than unveiling a flashy product to compete with Facebook, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said yesterday at Zeitgeist.

  4. SearchDay | Search Shifts and Predictions for 2009

    Search Ad Quality Score 101, Part 1 SEM 101 It's been about two years since Google and Yahoo implemented their quality score algorithms. Instead of giving the top ad spot to the highest bidder, search engines now take the perceived quality of the...

  5. SearchDay: Link Building via Word-of-Mouth

    Link Building via Word-of-Mouth LINK LOVE Get people talking positively about your company or product and the links will follow. Google Shares Three Ranking Philosophies Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 10, 2008 The Google Search Quality Team is...

  6. Q&A With's Gary Price

    Google is a great product, and I use Google plenty too. We also make sure that certain sites are crawled in a frequent manner, such as these quality specialty databases that deserve a little bit more attention than they normally get.