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Google Power Major Providers

  1. Google as Your Identity Provider: Where Are We Now?

    Sure Google, PayPal and Equifax were federally credentialed Identity Providers (IdPs) and there were governing bodies, massive government involvement and private firms all chomping at the proverbial bit.

  2. Founder Berners-Lee Sees Social Media Corrupting His Intent For The Web

    Wireless Internet providers are being tempted to slow traffic to sites with which they have not made deals. An important line exists between that action and using the same power to discriminate. Facebook and Google are obviously two examples of this.

  3. Microsoft adCenter Powers All Paid Search Advertising on Bing / Yahoo Search Alliance in U.S. & Canada

    Now that paid search marketing on 'tier 1' portals is brokered between only two major providers in the USA and Canada, this may be an opportunity to more effectively reach more users than ever before via a comprehensive multi platform paid search...

  4. SES New York is a Search Expo as well as an SEM Conference

    Today Ingenio partners with leading providers in Web and mobile search, online directories, vertical content, and directory assistance to deliver live phone leads to any type of business. Some of the world's leading brands and advertising agencies...

  5. Social Media Madness -- The Sweet 16, Part 2

    They're victims of their own success as entertainment providers crack the privacy whip. Just like with DMOZ a few years back, the people who have earned editor status have too much power and they love to use it.

  6. Trademark Law - What Search Marketers Should Know, Part 1

    What you'll find most of the search engines and online service providers doing is treating copyrights and trademarks similarly under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)," says Mary Berk, Microsoft adCenter's director of marketplace quality.

  7. Copyright Law: What Search Marketers Should Know (Part 2)

    A publication can include all online service providers (OSP) sites featuring the infringed content, including the search engines in their own search results pages. If you're really going to have the power of getting cash out of your copyright, you...

  8. Search Engine Results Chart

    On that page, you can more easily see who the significant search providers are and the search engines they power. Major search engines generally provide listings from a variety of sources, which they may get from third-party search providers or...

  9. New Search Service from TVEyes Offers Free Keyword Search Of Some Web-Based TV News Content & Lots More Video Search

    These are just a few services and technology providers that came quickly to mind. Last September, we learned that Podscope will power podcast search on AOL. General video search services (metadata search) include Google Video (free except for video...