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Google Play Video Viewer

  1. AdWords for Video Makes Reporting More Consistent, Goal-Oriented & Prettier

    Select the Views objective to understand the follow-on actions viewers take such as when a viewer goes to your channel to watch more videos. This ability to run the option play has enabled Google sites, driven primarily by, to become...

  2. Richard Petty Driving Experience Revs Up Fan Engagement 700% on YouTube

    The advertiser only pays when a viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the video without choosing to “skip” the ad, which counts as an increased view on YouTube. No other content on the Experience’s YouTube channel had reached the 100,000 viewer mark.

  3. What about Targeting Video Ads?

    Brian Morrissey suggests an AdWords type system which "could choose from a vast pool of video spots for one relevant to the viewer. Then their ads play before or after videos tagged with those same keywords.