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  1. YouTube to Censor Search Results From Artists Who Rebuff New Streaming Music Service

    This sounds like a straight-up, "Give us your content on our terms or we'll cut you off from YouTube" play. Seemingly small situations like how YouTube is dealing these independent labels not only makes it harder to find content from artists we...

  2. Doodle 4 Google 2014 Winner Invents Water Purifier to Make the World a Better Place

    In paradise, I could play with dragons, ramp with leopards, and chat with fairies.It would be the best day ever when I could finally live in a mystical, dreamy realm. In addition to being the first animated Doodle 4 Google winner and appearing on...

  3. A Recipe for a Tasty Semantic Search & SEO Salad

    It seems that there's a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the way that search engine optimization (SEO) and semantic search play together. Semantic search is already in play, to a degree. We're interested in lexical semantics, although an...

  4. Google Faces New Mobile Search Monopoly Antitrust Lawsuit

    The complaint argued that given its placement of its own apps on Android smartphones - such as Google Play and Search - through its Mobile Application Distribution Agreements (MADA), it is stifling competition in the market.