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Google Photo Neven Vision

  1. Search Forums Roundup: August 18, 2006

    Today's SearchDay, Search Engine Forums Spotlight, features our weekly links to this week's hot topics from search engine forums across the web:Google Buys Neven Vision to Boost Photo Management - Biggest Misconceptions People Have About SEO...

  2. Daily SearchCast, August 17, 2006: Hot Search Blogs; GoogleTalk Gets New Features; Filing Time For Yahoo Click Fraud Settlement; Beaming Up Google Engineers & More!

    Google Acquires Neven Vision in which he announced that the team at Neven Vision has now joined Google. His post tells us that Neven Vision's software will make it easier for people to find and organize their photos.

  3. More than Organizing Photos? Google Acquires Neven Vision

    I first read about this acquisition over on the Google Operating System Blog, in Object Recognition Is The Future Of Google, where I learned that the facial recognition software developed by Neven Vision will run on the types of microprocessors...