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  1. More Panda 4.0 Findings: Syndication, User Engagement, Indexation & Keyword Hoarding

    But Google denied Penguin (or some other spam effort) was rolling out. That's right, 70 percent less pages indexed yielded more Google organic traffic. For example, pages that were ranking well in Google prior to Panda 4.0 had thin content...

  2. Blog SEO Quiz – Test Your Blog Optimization Knowledge

    Google spam cop Matt Cutts wrote about it in his blog, The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO. In fact, blogs need to contain key pages that aren't a part of blog software packages. One example is author pages – both regular authors and guest...

  3. SES San Francisco Keynote: Google's Matt Cutts & Patrick Thomas on Search Engine Censorship

    For instance, everyone will disagree on the definition of spam. After all, one man's spam is another's great marketing strategy, just as one man's censorship is another's law, and one man's censorship is someone else's corporate policy.

  4. Google's Patrick Thomas Talks Controversial Content Ahead of SES San Francisco Keynote

    Ahead of his SES San Francisco keynote presentation, here's a short interview with Thomas, who discusses his role at Google, search spam, mobile, and what SES attendees can expect. DG: Do you ever see a day where Google, or any search engine, could...