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  1. Why Facebook Ad Haters Are Wrong – Here’s How Marketers Can Do Better

    It’s no different than calling Google AdWords a waste of money because a campaign targeting all Google users internationally attracted useless clicks. That includes the marketer who approached them in the first place, looking for answers as to why...

  2. SearchDay: Search Engine Optimization: Back to Basics

    AdGooroo Founder Authors Search Advertising Book Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 19, 2008 Richard Stokes, the founder of search marketing firm AdGooroo, has announced the publication of his new book, Mastering Search Advertising â”” How the Top 3...

  3. Yahoo Google Deal: Yahoo Adds AdWords Search Deal

    will select the search term queries for which - and the pages on which - Yahoo! may offer Google paid search results. Advertisers will pay Google directly for each click on Google paid search results appearing on Yahoo!

  4. Google's Q2 Financial Report Hits EDGAR Database

    Click fraud occurs when a person clicks on a Google AdWords ad displayed on a web site for a reason other than to view the underlying content. Number crunchers might be interested to learn that Google's Q2 2005 official quarterly report (53 pages...

  5. Navigating London

    Yahoo Search Marketing and Google AdWords compared. But you can limit search results to pages only from the UK with Ask Jeeves UK, MSN Search UK and Yahoo is a homegrown UK search service that also features local search.