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  1. Your Guide to Structured Snippets for SEO

    For example, if you search for the movie Die Hard, Google could search the Web for significant pages about Die Hard (such as IMDB and Wikipedia entries), and produce a structured snippet with information like the release date, main cast, and...

  2. Your Job Is to Make Google Look Good

    Links are given by publishers for a reason, and it's generally intended to benefit the publishers themselves — via the seemingly indirect means of being of benefit to the visitors to the pages of their site.

  3. Writing Your Way to the Top of Search and Social Results

    Brands and marketers can gain inspiration from the E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trust) concept outlined in Google’s Search Quality Guidelines when creating quality content guidelines for Web pages, social media posts, press releases, or...

  4. Search Engine Marketing Checklist for Hotel Marketers

    Identify and optimize the content of the top 100 pages in terms of the highest Google and Baidu organic search traffic from a Web analytics program (e.g. Always check pages are being indexed by Google and Baidu (or the major search engine of your...

  5. Introducing the Local Marketing Adoption Curve

    Paid search and paid social should drive visitors to the location pages created in the "walk" stage. Location pages should be created with links to social media and review sites. But local marketing consists of more than just optimized pages and...