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  1. Facebook Working on Better Search, But Won’t Rival Google, Engineer Confirms

    That’s the official word from Facebook engineer and former Googler Lars Rasmussen, who was recently interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald. Also, don’t expect Facebook to become a direct web search competitor to Google any time soon.

  2. Gmail Phishing Attack: China Cries Slander

    In response, Google told the Sydney Morning Herald that what Google wants is to "protect its users and help them stay safe online, which is why it went public with the hacking allegations. The Chinese government claims Google is using an attempted...

  3. Paper Industry Ablaze In Australia Over Google Ad Decisions

    A civil liberties group in Australia is criticizing Google's decision to pull ads by the Wilderness Society that brought attention to "a boycott against a paper manufacturer that uses wood sourced from Australian old growth forests," the Sydney...