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  1. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    Windows 8 App Refresh – Bing Search BlogBing News app is now customizable, offers offline reading, and supports RSS; Bing Maps now has "improved driving, transit and walking directions, as well as up-to-the minute traffic incidents notifications...

  2. Google Redesigns Local Mobile Ad Formats, Claims 100% Increase in CTR

    It is easier than ever for advertisers to reach customers who are actively searching for a product or service while in transit ( This past Friday, Google announced that they redesigned the local ad formats in Google Maps for Mobile.

  3. Mobile Maps Usage Surges; Apps Trump Mobile Browsers

    Among those who accessed maps on their mobile devices: percent did so from a car or other vehicle percent doing so while walking, running or biking percent while using public transit ComScore report that for the three month period ending April...

  4. Welcome to Your Google-Branded Life

    You use Google Transit to navigate a different way to work. You're not quite sure where it is so you look it up on Google Maps. Finally, at the office you turn on your Chrome OS-powered notebook, which provides access to company information using...

  5. 7 Google Updates Including Flash Indexing, Custom Search, and AdSense

    Google Maps and Transit - 7 new agencies have been added including Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Houston, TX VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio, TX Utah Transit Authority, Salt Lake City, UT

  6. Google Maps Now Shows More Than 10 Results

    Google Maps Updates Transit Site Have you ever searched for a local business on Google Maps and wished you got more than 10 results at a time? Right now, this is only available for, but expect it to roll out to other mapping...