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  1. Google Scholar: Online Library or Plagiarist's Dream

    Google Scholar - in beta since 2004 - epitomizes the problems of the internet. Google Scholar aims to sort articles the way researchers do, weighing the full text of each article, the author, the publication in which the article appears, and how...

  2. Google Scholar and Medicine; Infotrieve's ArticleFinder Database is Now Free

    First, Dean Giustini, a medical librarian at University of British Columbia in Vancouver (one of the most beautiful places I've ever been) and editor of the UBC Google Scholar Blog has a good summary of recent articles about how Google Scholar is...

  3. Checking Out Books in Libraries

    Gary Price offers a rundown of this alternative to Google Scholar in today's SearchDay article, Searching for Library Books with RedLightGreen. Many libraries throughout the world offer online access to their catalogs.

  4. Puts Library-Only Content On The Web

    Google Scholar database. is a new site from Thomson Gale that has made content the publisher provides to library now accessible through the web. Searchers can go to the site directly, and if they have a US library card, access...

  5. If Search Engines Could Read Your Mind

    Google Scholar Expands Library Link Program. Library Stuff May 10 2005 2:23PM GMT In the words of Google's Vice President of Engineering Wayne Rosing, "The day will come when Google won't be a search engine anymore, because everything will be...

  6. Google Local UK Gets Mobile Site; Google Scholar Lets Any Library Add Links

    Google Local UK has gained a new mobile site and the Google Scholar program now allows any library to establish direct links to content. All Libraries explains how the Google Scholar program has expanded to allow any library to set-up direct links...

  7. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Google Scholar, Scirus and the Scholarly Revolution. NYC Library Putting Images Online. Is it possible that Google make it so difficult to manipulate their results, that the webmaster community simply up and shift to focus on Yahoo and MSN?