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Google Korea

  1. Google Reveals Top Searches of 2013: From Nelson Mandela to Twerking

    North Korea What did you search for on Google in 2013? Were you curious about “twerking” like the many others who pushed that search query to the top of Google’s “what is” search list? Or perhaps you wanted to learn more about Nelson Mandela who...

  2. Korea’s FTC Acquits Google of Antitrust Charges

    And while this may be one small win for Google in Korea, it's still sorting out a three-year antitrust battle in Europe, where Google is working on proposed changes to search results in order to compromise with FTC's requests.

  3. Inbound Marketing in Various Languages

    Other popular search engines such as Yandex (Russia) and Naver (South Korea) will have their own quirks and peculiarities. Google Analytics will be able to give you an idea of how many foreign visitors your English language website already attracts.

  4. Google Reveals Argentina, South Korea Investigations

    Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it is the subject of probes in both Argentina and South Korea. Both Argentina’s Comision Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia and the Korea Fair Trade Commission in South Korea have also opened an...

  5. Chinese New Year 2012: Google & Search Engines Welcome Year of the Dragon

    In Asia, the Doodle is featured on Google sites in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Korea. Last but not least, below is Google’s Doodle for the dragon year. You can see Google's Year of the Rabbit Doodle for last year's Chinese New Year here.