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  1. Mobile, the Ultimate Shopping Assistant, Says Google

    According to a study from Google, 28 percent of consumers in the U.S.will search online for holiday gifts before Halloween. Part of that online preparation is through the use of product listings ads (PLAs) – visual search ads that appear at the top...

  2. Google 'Let’s Go Caroling' Easter Egg Turns Your Smartphone Into a Holiday Karaoke Machine

    On your mobile browser, simply do a Google search for [let’s go caroling] and a menu will pop up allowing you to select from five different carols and turn your smartphone into an instant karaoke machine.

  3. The Buzz on Search and Social Signals: Building Informed Cross-Channel Strategies

    Advanced technology platforms can drive dynamic ad creation based on demand and intent signals from search, to automatically create ads on Facebook for products that are performing best on Google. Although search and social elicit different...

  4. Bing Search Now Delivers Anywhere From 4 to 14 Results

    Google has experimented with seven results on many SERPs since last summer. Are you seeing less than 10 results in your Bing search results? If you clicked a high-ranking link and then clicked back to the search results, they increased the number...