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  1. What is Valid Link Bait?

    Getting 2,500 Diggs on that post is impressive, and the OneBox parody was hilarious. What amazes me is Matt's blog is the number one result for a Google search for "linkbait" and the page only has 45 links to it, according to Google!

  2. Q&A with Ken Jurina, President and CEO of Epiar

    The inclusion of the OneBox, as well as Sitelinks and ‘Search Within a Site' search box features, are all affecting the usability of the results in the organic listings. Google's Universal Search results have been seen to have an impact on the...

  3. Is Google News the Tail Wagging the News Search Dog?

    Google started including news in its OneBox results and Yahoo began including news in its Shortcuts at the top of their regular Web search results in 2004. And a query for "Iraq news" on AOL Search (which is "enhanced by Google") now generates...