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Google Glass

  1. 2 Mistakes That Cause Advertisers to Quit AdWords Just When They’re on the Verge of a Breakthrough

    Examples include words like "windows," which can refer to the glass-filled holes in your house, or the operating system, and "speaker," which can refer to an orator or the thumpingly loud box your neighbor can’t seem to turn down.

  2. Future of Search & Content Marketing: Expand Your Mindset

    Think about the imminent rise of devices like Google Glass, said MacGurn. If equipment like Google Glass catches on as forecasts say it will, this could be the next “hot” device to optimize for. Google, Bing, and Yahoo aren’t going away, but they...

  3. Microsoft Opens Online Scroogled Merchandise Store

    This is clearly a reference to Google Glass, something that Microsoft is also rumored to be developing, which could also explain why we haven't seen the Scroogled campaign targets Google Glass yet. Microsoft has escalated their war on Google with...

  4. 3 Reasons Natural Language Processing (Not Google Glass) is the Future of Search

    In April 2012 Google announced Google Glass, their augmented reality glasses that many believed would change how we search for and obtain information and even change Internet marketing as we know it. I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere about...

  5. How Will Voice Search Change SEO for Local Stores & Global Enterprises?

    People are now utilizing voice search across smartphones, tablets, desktops, as well as the new crop of devices like Google Glass. Let's take a quick dive into a recent voice search example on YouTube using Google Now for Android phones.