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Google Gears

  1. Microsoft Live Search is Now Bing

    In 2008, it spent another $22 million, but shifted gears to focus on certain niches it was already doing well in. People with knowledge of the planned push said the ads won't go after Google, or Yahoo for that matter, by name.

  2. The Future of Online Ads: Location, Location, Location

    When we originally proposed the Gears Geolocation API our goal was to make it easy for developers to deliver location enabled web sites on mobile phones. Firefox 3.1 and Google's Chrome browser were both recently announced to have this location...

  3. Google's My Location Now with WiFi

    The feature is also included on the Gears Geolocation API. Google's My Location technology is cool. Now, Google is outfitting My Location with the ability to use WiFi access points in determining location.

  4. SearchDay | Would You Endorse this Web Site?

    The feature, dubbed "My Location" uses the Google Gears Geolocation API, which employs Cell ID Technology aka cellular triangulation. Google Adds "My Location" Search Feature to Windows Mobile Devices Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 12, 2008 Google...

  5. Google OS Arrives, In the Form of a Browser

    Combined with Google Gears coming at Web applications from the developer side, and there's not much use for a desktop operating system any more. Rumors of a "Google Operating System" have been around for a few years now, fueled by Google's...