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  1. The Difference Between App to App and Web to App Advertising

    User sees an ad on a web page for the "Supercell Clash of Clans" app. User is in one app (in-app) such as the "Shazam" app and sees an ad in the app for another app (such as the "Spotify" app). User clicks on the ad, which opens the respective App...

  2. Google Reveals New AdWords Features: App Ads, 'Enterprise' Tools, & More

    Experiments can include several different campaign components such as bid changes, new keywords, campaign settings, special bids for times and locations, ad formats, and more. During a live-stream event today, Google announced three key AdWords...

  3. You'll Laugh, Then Cry When You See the Simple Trick This Single Mom Uses to Beat Enterprise SEOs

    We don't need big brands taking the exact same approach and creating completely disposable content ad nausem. If you try for a purely quantity-based approach, people are likely to bounce so quickly it could affect Google's assumptions about the...

  4. 26 Free Must-Have Tools for PPC Success

    This is a simple, yet often overlooked, way to streamline tracking of ad copy and landing page tests. It'll show search volume, create ad groups, and provide demographic data – all in Excel. They don't tell you what happens after the ad click.