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  1. Google Pack Software Bundle & Pay Per View Video Coming From Google, To Be Announced At CES

    WinZip to distribute the Google Toolbar and Google Desktop, a similar one with There's also an arrangement with Sun for distribution of the Google Toolbar, a bundling deal with Google to Journal says that Google cofounder Larry Page will announce...

  2. Sun To Distribute Google Toolbar & Closer Relationship Beween Two; McNealy Says, "Lots of Money Flowing Both Ways if We Do This Right"

    NOTE: You can already register by email and be notified when the Google Toolbar for the Java Desktop will be available. Due to the popularity of Java on the desktop, downloads of Java have more than doubled year over year, reaching 20 million per...

  3. Searching for a Mother's Day Gift

    New for MSN Desktop Search: Active Words Agent.msnsearch's WebLog May 1 2005 3:27PM GMT Hacking Google for fun and profit. Google Slightly Changes AdWords Ranking Algorithm. Google News Patent Filed 18 Months Ago.