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Google Data Privacy Collection

  1. Adobe Adds Cloud-Based Mobile Services

    Data Privacy: App publishers can easily manage opt-in or opt-out functionality to enable compliance with data collection and privacy laws for specific countries including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

  2. Google '(Not Provided)' Keywords: 10 Ways to Get Organic Search Data

    With the "(not provided)" change, I could see some businesses using AdWords to test new keyword market areas, but not as a huge budget for strictly keyword collection. First, Google has been making major steps to protect everyone's privacy, to...

  3. Google Pays $7 Million to Settle Street View Snooping Case

    The company said in a statement that it didn't knowingly gather or profit from the data collection, which was said to be the work of a rogue engineer. We work hard to get privacy right at Google. This settlement addresses privacy issues and...

  4. Google as Your Identity Provider: Where Are We Now?

    In addition, the only laws that govern this data collection are Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs) which can be signed away with a TOS and a click of a button. Changing of Google Privacy Policy from US to EU.

  5. Turns Out Google Didn't Actually Delete All Its UK Street View Data

    Google's WiFi data collection incidents gave the company a huge privacy black eye in numerous countries around the globe. Google had previously agreed to delete all the data it had gathered in the UK, but in a letter on Friday to the ICO, its...

  6. Google Blames FCC for Street View Investigation Delays

    Congressman Ed Markey and the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) have urged for a larger investigation into Google’s Street View data collection. In its ruling, the FCC accused Google of “deliberately” impeding and delaying the 17-month...

  7. Congressman, EPIC Push for Larger Google Street View Investigation

    Google has previously faced government scrutiny over the collection of wireless data by Street View teams all around the world. Google Stops Street View Data Collection After Canada, Spain Complaints Google Faces Oregon Class Action Lawsuit Over...