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Google Consumer Surveys

  1. Google Reveals What New & Expectant Parents Search For

    With both Mother's Day and Father's Day approaching, Jordan Rost, Brad Johnsmeyer, and Allison Mooney of Google looked at Google search trends, YouTube search trends, and Google Consumer Surveys to see what was top of mind for new and expecting...

  2. 4 Simple Ways to Use Web Analytics for Smarter CRO Testing

    Validate with Survey Monkey or Google Consumer Surveys Now it’s time to validate your assumptions using Google Consumer Surveys or Survey Monkey Audience. Google Consumer Surveys are a good way to reach larger audiences while Survey Monkey Audience...

  3. Link Building With a Healthy Dose of Marketing: 8 Ways to Solve Problems for Free

    Not only are surveys routinely linked to, but they offer branding opportunities and place your company as a thought leader within your industry. What better way to find a targeted problem worth solving than posing a question to your consumer base...

  4. Google Showcases Back-to-School Shopping Trends and Ecommerce Opportunity

    Google combined search trends with surveys to showcase 2013 back-to-school shopping behavior online. We found that people are more sale conscious when buying consumer electronics than other school supplies.