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  1. Search and the Law: Attorney Clarke Douglas Walton

    Walton is a lawyer focused on Internet and intellectual property law, including copyright and trademark issues. He is a member of the Nevada Bar, International Trademark Association, and American Intellectual Property Law Association.

  2. Copyright Law: What Search Marketers Should Know (Part 1)

    People need to understand that for most Web site content on the Internet– original articles, text, videos, music, images, etc.somebody probably owns the copyright to that content.explains Clarke Walton, trademark attorney for the Walton Law Firm...

  3. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Trademark law is one of the 2 major sore points on any PPC [pay per click” system (click fraud being the other), and until the search engines, TM owners and courts figure out a commonly accepted group of guidelines it will continue to be.

  4. Copyrights, Trademarks and Search Engines

    Text content is not the only content that can be copyright or trademark protected under the law. This issue might be going through appeals and cases in other courts dealing with the different aspects of trademark law.

  5. Search Engines and Legal Issues

    But what's happening at American Blinds is completely, in my opinion, making trademark law more confusing than it is now. If a client states competitor is bidding on his trademark in Google, Ishman first asks them if they have a registered...