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Google Building Brand Equity

  1. 21 Ways to Scale Content Promotion for Maximum Exposure

    What’s more, that link passes equity, which boosts your asset’s ranking power and helps drive exponentially more traffic (via search). Buy Attention on Google AdWords The more people that see your content, the better chance you have of achieving...

  2. Social, SEO & Content: How to Create a Potent Integrated Marketing Campaign

    Build Brand Value and Equity Since YouTube is owned by Google, creating video content and optimizing it for terms you wish to rank for, will only help your search efforts. Long-Term Content Plan: Use Google Trends to compare products and primary...

  3. 10 Insights from a Lite SEO Audit That Any Small Business Can Benefit From

    Definitely want to consolidate search equity across duplicate pages (although that wasn’t necessarily the case in this situation). I explained that the company’s goal is to build up more credibility in Google’s eyes, and that building a strong...

  4. Social PR Tips to Get Fit for 2013 Digital Marketing

    Start building up content equity on a few great sites. Encourage users to “Google” your brand to find you rather than typing in your domain directly. You still get the visit, but in addition to the visit you are getting a powerful signal to Google...

  5. Marissa Mayer Brings Hope to Yahoo

    But if you add in contract incentives of bonuses, stock units and options, and a $30 million “one-time retention equity award” the deal could ultimately be worth up more than $100 million if she remains at the company for five years.

  6. Modern Social Bookmarking – Not Your Older Brother’s Social Bookmark of Years Past

    Taking these factors into consideration will lead to more success and hopefully more viral sharing on other media, along with additional traffic and link equity for your sites and web pages. Good sources include Google Trends and comScore)