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Google Bombing

  1. SES San Francisco Keynote: Google's Matt Cutts & Patrick Thomas on Search Engine Censorship

    Most recently, Google found itself internally debating censoring autocomplete suggestions when the Boston bombing happened earlier this year. SES San Francisco kicked off today with a keynote featuring Google's Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts and...

  2. Understanding Negative SEO & How to Defend Your Website

    Other instances of negative SEO have included such tactics as hacking a website to inflict some sort of malicious damage on a website, review bombing (pointing a large number of 5-star reviews at a business so it appears they paid for them), or...

  3. You'll Never Guess Who Is Similar to Matt Cutts?

    Oh, and let's thank all those wonderful Google engineers for coming up with the funniest search-related game since Google Bombing was retired in 2007. Yesterday, The Official Google Blog talked about "Discovering pages 'similar to" ones that you like.

  4. Does Google Allow Good Google Bombs?

    Several Jewish and anti-defamation groups joined together in a coordinated Google bombing campaign to push that result down in the SERPs, and the results of that bomb can still be seen today. To some, it appears that Google has painted itself into...