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  1. Majestic SEO Adds Live Rank Factors & New Link Prospecting to Search Explorer Alpha

    For example, let’s say you are looking for pages or blogs about “flights” on Blogspot, and Blogger sites, you could simply search for: flights” (opens in new window)

  2. Page Quality, Local & Ranking Changes Top List of 65 Latest Google Search Updates

    Now we’re better able to identify web results that are local to the user, and rank them appropriately.project “User Context”] We made improvements to show more relevant local results.project “Other Ranking Components”] This change improved how we...

  3. Analyzing the 9 Most Common Link Building Strategies [Best of SEW 2010 #2”

    The vast majority of blogs are some variation of Wordpress or Blogspot, which set comment links by default to "nofollow," meaning your website won't receive the link juice. Find a bunch of article/blog posts that are thematically relevant and start...

  4. Google Announces New Approach to Working with Ad Agencies

    A new approach to how we work with advertising agencies ( Penry Price, Google's Vice President of Global Agency Development today announced changes in the search engine's relationship with advertising agencies on the Official...

  5. UK Election 2010: What's So Bad About a Hung Parliament?

    Brits search for a leader ( As David Worsfold corrected predicted on April 22 in the Parliamentary Connections blog, "The second leaders' debate was much closer than the first and for that reason I imagine all three parties...

  6. Google Officially Changes Name to Topeka, TEXTp Saves YouTube Bandwidth

    A different kind of company name ( As Patrick Pichette, SVP and Chief Financial Officer, Google, said on the YouTube Blog, "By replacing the images in the video with a series of letters and numbers, the videos are far less...

  7. SearchDay | Brands Hit Big In Google SERPs

    Change to Display URL Policy Feb 25, 2009 5 days ago, the Inside AdWords blog announced a pretty big change to their Display URL policy.