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  1. China Blocks Google Ahead of Tiananmen Square 25th Anniversary

    Google Hong Kong As early as last Friday, Google reported slower levels of activity from China. In March, Google Encrypted Search became available in China. What is China Censoring Now? This isn't the first time that China has had a hand in...

  2. Bing Denies Censoring Search Results, Blames 'Glitch'

    In the most high-profile spat with China, Google moved its Chinese operations to Hong Kong in 2010 following a series of cyber attacks that were believed to be politically motivated. First, Bing does not apply China's legal requirements to searches...

  3. Google Search in Mainland China Now Shows Censorship Warnings

    Users in mainland China can still search using Google Hong Kong. Likewise, searching for [周] (Zhōu, another common surname that also means “week”) triggers an error message, so including this character in other searches—like [周杰伦] (Jay Chou, the...

  4. Asia Search Update: Yahoo Algo Transition Goes to India, Google Eyes Southeast Asia

    It is unclear how Yahoo’s algorithm transition will impact organic search results for Chinese speaking cities such as Hong Kong and Taiwan where Yahoo search continues to dominate. Google Analytics Faces Big Challenges in China