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Google Be Ad Engineers

  1. 360i Agency Says New Technology Reverse Engineers AdWords Quality Score

    The DNS dashboard and reporting promises to give insight into the adjustments that can be made to improve Quality Score, for example, better copy or more tightly themed ad groups, by using an algorithm that calculates a "health score" based on...

  2. Writing Content for Users vs. Search Engines: Is There Still a Difference?

    In fact, there are even some search engineers that still argue that semantic search is a long-term goal. High quality SERPs = more users = more ad sales. And of course, Google spokespeople repeatedly voiced terms like quality and naturalin an...

  3. Ford Retains Confidence in Facebook Ads as GM Quits

    The social exec also lauded the idea of working directly with Facebook engineers to create "first-of-a-kind vehicle reveals, advertising, and innovative ways of sharing content. In March, Ford ran a large, unique ad unit on the Facebook logout page.

  4. The Trouble with Tribbles: Beyond Google’s Cookiegate Browser Settings Hype

    Further on in the documentation, Apple engineers and others discuss the potential side effects of changing the third-party cookie policy. Essentially, Apple engineers were trying to make Safari work as seamlessly as IE, Firefox, and Opera in this...

  5. As Twitter Hits New Milestone, CEO Talks Google, Search, Apple, IPO, Privacy

    Costolo said Twitter has a "finite number of search engineers" who are working "on other challenges" right now. As they continue to focus on ad revenue and are valuated at about $8 billion, Costolo doesn’t see the need for an IPO at this time.

  6. Advanced PPC Optimization Tips for adCenter: Negative Keywords

    According to engineers at adCenter, one of the first areas to investigate when attempting to improve results on adCenter is to thoroughly review the use of negatives. They obviously don't work with exact match keywords, because such keywords...