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Google Antitrust Investigation

  1. Scroogled Rises: Microsoft Back on Attack as Google Faces New Antitrust Complaint

    The attack ads coincide with another European antitrust complaint orchestrated by Microsoft relating to Google's Android software. Fairsearch Europe, which describes itself as "organization united to promote economic growth, innovation and choice...

  2. Google Submits Response to EC Antitrust Regulators

    After the conclusion of the FTC investigation, Google voluntarily made changes to some of its practices, including how it handles search and patent issues and agreeing not to sue willing licensees over standard essential patents.

  3. Will Europe Force Google to Change How it Displays Search Results?

    Although Google escaped relatively unscathed from a U.S.antitrust investigation into its business practices by the FTC, Europe may bring a less favorable result for the dominant search engine, based on comments by the EU competition commissioner.

  4. FTC: Google Demoting Rankings of Competing Vertical Websites is Justifiable

    In late November, we reported that the FTC was considering dropping the antitrust case because it couldn’t find evidence of consumer harm. Federal Trade Commission closed the books on its 19-month investigation into Google’s business practices.

  5. Google CEO Larry Page Meets with FTC

    Google maintains that it hasn't broken any antitrust laws and is trying to make sure that any agreement with the FTC won't involve a consent decree. If Google can't allay antitrust concerns, the FTC can file a lawsuit and head to court for several...

  6. FTC to Drop Vertical Search Antitrust Case Against Google? No Consumer Harm Found

    Federal Trade Commission (FTC) officials are reportedly thinking of dropping their antitrust case against Google, Bloomberg reports. Last September, Leibowitz said he expected the Google investigation to wrap up sometime before 2013.

  7. FTC Hopes to Resolve Google Antitrust Inquiry Before 2013

    Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is aiming to resolve its anti-trust investigation into Google's search practices by the end of the year. The investigation into Google centers around whether the firm is using its dominant position in the web search...

  8. Google: We Didn't Mess With Texas Attorney General

    The tribulation started two years ago as an antitrust lawsuit but has since expanded into an investigation that sees Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott seeking a court order to get Google to turn over documentation not subject to attorney-client...

  9. Google Told to Fix 4 Areas in Search, Advertising to End Antitrust Inquiry

    European antitrust chiefs are offering Google a chance to end the 18-month investigation into alleged monopoly abuses by the company. The senators also called on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to step up its investigation by considering both...