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Google Android Jury

  1. Oracle Rejects Google’s $3 Million Offer to Settle Patent Dispute

    Ahead of an upcoming trial in April over claims that Google's Android operating system has infringed on Java patents, Google has offered to pay Oracle $3 million plus a portion of its Android platform revenue in an attempt to reach a settlement...

  2. Should Google Escape the Death Spiral in China by 'Losing Face'?

    Politically, the jury is out. For high profile Western companies which were already in China and then partially pulled out -- partially because it's only Google's search box which is no longer in China, Android continues to operate there as well as...

  3. Maile Ohye: Google Loves Your Ugly Baby, Plus the Future of Search #SESChi

    Despite a few disbelieving facial gestures from the crowd when she stated paid search was largely unaffected (the jury's still out for most of us), many would agree that not much has changed for organic search.