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Google Analytics Team Packages

  1. How to Spot Bad Data Within Your PPC Campaigns & What to do About It

    Make proper notations in analytics: Most analytics packages allow you to make notations regarding performance. However, we made notations within Google Analytics so that we have notes when looking at long-term trends so that we understand what was...

  2. Google Analytics Preparing for Social Reports Next Year

    While social media integration into analytics packages is relatively new, there are a few enterprise-level analytics software that already offer users the ability to integrate not only social sharing sites, but also information about apps in their...

  3. SearchDay: PPC Advertising: Art or Science?

    Included in the PRO version: Search analytics: new search term, site and market category report packages so brands . Brett Crosby from the Google Analytics team . Does Google Analytics Share Data with Google Trends and Ad Planner?

  4. Comparing Web Analytics Packages

    What started as a great idea for linkbait turned into a comprehensive analysis of Web analytics packages rivaling research from the largest firms. Stone Temple Consulting has published the 55-page 2007 Web Analytics Shootout, the results of a nine...