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  1. HubPages Adds Subdomains, Claims Google Panda Recovery, But...

    Google is likely treating the subdomains as separate domains, at least temporarily," Przyklenk said. Now, before we get into this advice and you learn that HubPages’ CEO Paul Edmondson was contacted directly by Google’s Matt Cutts last month...

  2. SearchDay | Revisiting 2008 Search Predictions

    However, these articles connect expired then parked domains at GoDaddy and Google's adsense for parked domains program in uncomfortable ways. Standard Tactics, LLC: How GoDaddy Profits from Expired Domains (

  3. SearchDay | President 2.0

    Blocked Domains increase to 500 domains per account Nov 14, 2008 All, I wanted to share some news with our advertisers. For more info, please take a look at this post on the YSM Blog: