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  1. Daily SearchCast, Oct. 21, 2005: Craigslist Versus Oodle, MSNing In Holland And Korea, New Keyword Research Feature From Google, Yahoo Search Marketing Chief Ted Meisel To Depart, Indexing Isn't

    AdWords Logins to Google Accounts Today's search podcast covers the dispute between Craiglist and Oodle, whether they really "MSN You" in Holland and Korea, a new keyword research tool from Google, Yahoo dropping the $20 monthly minimum spend...

  2. Daily SearchCast, Sept. 28, 2005: Google Moving To NASA (Offices), Dropping Euro Commissions, Yahoo Preps Tools On Search Buzz, Releases Desktop Search From Beta, A Search Marketer On The Apprentice

    AdWords Logins Shifting To Google Accounts Google Yahoo Tools Coming To Measure Search Buzz - And Watch Google, Too! Google Google Google Today's search podcast covers Google expected to expand offices to the NASA