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  1. Advanced PPC Optimization Tips for adCenter: Negative Keywords

    While it’s true that Microsoft adCenter doesn’t normally yield as much volume as Google AdWords, there is almost always lots of room for improvement, simply because advertisers don't really understand how adCenter works and use it simply as they...

  2. Search News & Headlines Around the Web - May 13, 2011

    Daily Budget Option Changes are Now Live in Microsoft Advertising adCenter - adCenter Blog Simplified account creation with new My Client Center feature - Inside AdWords PPC A 5-Point Checklist for Successful PPC Campaign Settings - Searching...

  3. Inside the adCenter Quality Score -- Or Should We Call It Competitive Score?

    Here is a short list of suggestions that you can execute in your adCenter account now: Let's explore the attributes of the adCenter Quality Score, how these scores affect your performance, and how you can optimize your account for better rankings.