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  1. New Google Privacy Policy Combines User Data From All Google Services

    If someone watches an NBA clip online and lives in Washington, the firm could advertise Washington Wizards tickets in that person’s Gmail account. Even if the company believes that tracking users across all platforms improves their services...

  2. New Gmail, YouTube, Blogger Users Join Google+ by Default

    New Google products users are automatically registered for a Google+ account as of today, including those signing up for Gmail, YouTube, and Blogger, unless opting out by using an already-existing Gmail account.

  3. As Twitter Hits New Milestone, CEO Talks Google, Search, Apple, IPO, Privacy

    Earlier this month, Google was forced to hand over Gmail account information for WikiLeaks volunteer Jacob Appelbaum. The four accounts in question were related to a WikiLeaks investigation, with the court order obtained under the Electronic...

  4. Google Forced to Release WikiLeaks Volunteer's Gmail Info

    Should courts require that law enforcement show probable cause that a crime has been committed and issue a warrant before email accounts can be searched and seized? Google was ordered to produce the login IP addresses Applebaum used each time he...