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  1. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    Also, anyone wanting to post a comment will need a Google+ account. Google Loses Round In Lawsuit About AdWords Pricing – MediaPostGoogle didn't give Arkansas lawyer and AdWords advertiser Rick Woods of Arkansas "smart pricing" discount in six...

  2. 5 Reasons You Should Get Your AdWords Professional Certification

    Whether you're new to Google AdWords PPC account management or have been working with AdWords for years, you may not be a certified Google AdWords Professional. If you're an agency offering PPC account management, AdWords Professional Certification...

  3. Will Google Adwords Professionals Search Force Agencies To Get Certified?

    People can look up by location and amount they want to spend on a weekly basis.and find people who have passed the Google Adwords Professional certification. Google has launched a beta search platform for those certified by the company as...

  4. Are You Measuring SEO Success Correctly?

    To fix this, enable auto tagging in your Google AdWords account. Make sure that your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts are properly linked. This data can then be viewed in analytics under traffic sources and AdWords.