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  1. Does No One Get Twitter? Der Spiegel Added To Not List

    After all, the company's "fail whale" is already becoming an icon, and a reflection of Twitter's effort - lifting a whale with a flock of tiny birds. Google lags in its addition of current news items into its main search results and its news search...

  2. Daily SearchCast, July 13, 2006: SES Latino; Yahoo's Expansion To US Hispanic Sites; Google Does Radio Ads Survey & More!

    Virtual Earth, including Birds Eye, several months ago. While there is aerial photography, there's no "Birds Eye" view here. Landscape complained that a Google advert led to a service which she claimed violated her copyright in a forthcoming book.

  3. Microsoft Announces Two New Research Labs: Live Labs and Search Labs

    Projects include everything from the home page to Windows Live Local (directory, maps and "birds eye" magery) to the soon to launch Windows Live Expo (classified ad/social marketplace). Unlike basic research, which is geared toward...

  4. Daily SearchCast, Dec. 13, 2005: Yahoo Answers Launched, Yahoo Buys, MSN Virtual Earth Becomes Windows Local Live, Gains Cool Images; Alexa Offers Developers Tools; Paid Links Debated

    Virtual Earth becoming Windows Local Live and gaining birds eye imagery; Today's search podcast covers the launch of Yahoo's question answering service, Yahoo Answers; other Q Yahoo's purchase of; MSN

  5. Windows Live Local Beta is Now Online; Some Global Imagery Also Added

    From the VE Blog: "Remember that in Birds eye mode you can ROTATE your view optically to really check out an area. Almost all of the places where we have birds eye imagery will have rotated views available.if a particular orientation isn't...