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Good Service Greg Linden

  1. GDrive: Google's Virtual Hard Drive

    Greg Linden said Google has removed the revealing notes with slides (PDF) of the presentation. But Derrick posted a comment with the notes for those slides at Greg's blog, where GDrive is mentioned. He also suggests that Google may offer hard drive...

  2. Udi Manber Leaves A9 to Join Google

    Greg Linden reports that A9's CTO, Ruben Ortega, has also left A9. When Greg asked him why he left, he stated family reasons. Last March, A9 began their OpenSearch initiative allowing webmasters and site owners the chance to add their own search...

  3. Loomia Offers Podcast/Vidcast Search, Personalized Recommendation Service Now Available for Site Developers

    A new post and positive comments from Greg Linden along with posts from SiliconBeat and an older post and company profile from Michael Arrington at TechCrunch all point to a podcast/vidcast search and recommendation service named Loomia that...

  4. Microsoft's "Google Base" is Code Named Fremont & MS Receives Patent For Semi-Auto Annotation of Multimedia Objects

    Microsoft tries classifieds from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (spotted via Greg Linden) has nice details on the project with comments from Before TechCrunch, Greg Sterling posted about the system being an online classifieds move.

  5. A9 Officially Launches Maps Service; Block View Imagery Added for More Cities

    About 6 weeks ago I blogged a couple of comments about the service becoming available and included a link to an overview by Greg Linden. If you've come across the story today about A9 launching a map service and it sounds familiar, it just might be.