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  1. 6 Ways to Prepare Your B2B PPC Account for the Holidays

    One idea would be to create a list of people who visited during the holidays but didn’t convert, and show them remarketing ads starting January 1 to remind them to come back in the New Year. For e-commerce advertisers, the holidays are the busiest...

  2. 2 Mistakes That Cause Advertisers to Quit AdWords Just When They’re on the Verge of a Breakthrough

    I’ve never seen a case where opening up all the traffic sluices from the get-go was a good idea. When people find out I’m the author of Google AdWords for Dummies, the second most common reaction, after "What’s AdWords?

  3. Google's New Structured Snippets Pull Facts Into a Page's Search Results

    The idea of enhanced snippets is not a new concept, and they often add more reasons for users to click through to a site (think rich snippet reviews). This week, the Google Research team unveiled "structured snippets," which presents an additional...

  4. Recover From Panda? Follow These 5 Steps to Avoid Future Panda Hits

    And my clients had no idea that was happening. The original algo hit typically feels like a punch in the gut, with serious confusion and frustration quickly following. Then you have months of recovery work with hope (and faith) that your hard work...