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Good Evil Censoring

  1. Why Isn't My Site Ranking? Don’t Blame Google Because Your Baby is Ugly

    Scottish bazillionaire Brian Souter made headlines this week when he pointedly accused Google of censoring him because his site dropped in the SERPs. Timing and Bite of the Evil Panda Said Sir Brian, “It’s not Google’s place to decide which sites...

  2. Brin Suggests Google Might Reverse Chinese Censorship In The Short Term; Meanwhile, China Ramps Up Blocks

    "Brin says Google compromised principles" from the Associated Press covers Google cofounder Sergey Brin telling reporters yesterday that it's possible Google might reverse its policy of censoring on behalf of the Chinese government.

  3. Google Created EvilRank Scale To Decide On Chinese Censorship

    CEO on censoring: 'We did an evil scale'" from InfoWorld has Google CEO Eric Schmidt explaining at the Davos World Economic Forum that Google spent over a year debating what to do on China, including creating an "evil scale" to help with the...

  4. How Google Censors Itself For China & Paid Exclusion As Being Evil

    Declan McCullagh posts an update to his great earlier story looking at how Google is censoring results at China. That's because rather than just censoring what China is telling them to block, Google's actively coming up with its own list.