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Golden Triangle

  1. Google Places: How Eye Tracking Heats Up Conversions and Clicks

    Does Google's "Golden Triangle" still receive much attention? Mediative observed that Google's Golden Triangle is still relevant in understanding how a viewers gaze travels across the screen. The Golden Triangle is a based on established...

  2. Gord Hotchkiss of Enquiro shares new brand research

    Most search engine marketers know Gord as the father of eye tracking research -- and if Gord got an American dollar or a Canadian Loonie every time someone used an image the "Golden Triangle" in their PowerPoint presentation, then he could take...

  3. What's on your Mind?

    By now, you've heard terms like "buying funnel" and "golden triangle" as it relates to analyzing search behavior. Anyone engaged in the practice of search has at one time or another struggled to motivate searchers.