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Go Price Comparison

  1. 3 Steps to Create Buyer Personas & Buyer Journeys to Kick-Start Your Content Strategy

    Values they found important in the product or service (price, functionality) For example, in the Consideration phase, if you find that your buyers are comparing a couple of different companies or types of products, create a comparison chart so they...

  2. Google AdWords Search Funnels Attribution Modeling: Think Hard Before You Act

    But if the final search was a price comparison, then if I'd missed that then I might have missed out on their booking. If you know you're the cheapest in the market, then you really want to be present for any searches that are obviously price...

  3. Global Mobile Advertising Opportunities: Brazil. Russia, India & China

    Chinese customers tend to be highly price sensitive, so discount ads can prove to be helpful to the company that distributes them via in-app advertising. Another advantage that Chinese mobile advertising offers in comparison to other types of...

  4. Meetup Groups Talk Industry Changes, Budgets, and Q4 Tips Ahead of SES San Francisco

    You are working really hard to get users to your site and some of them are in the information gathering and comparison stage. Group discounts for pass holders from the same company are also available by contacting [email protected]..

  5. A 7-Step Landing Page Template to Convert Prospects into Leads

    You're also building a value case for your product, so that when you reveal the price, it will look like a great deal compared to what it's worth: Now when you reveal your pricing, let's say $250 for the software package, free installation, and a...

  6. How SEO Attracts & Converts Customers in the 3 Purchase Decision Phases

    Optimizing for the research and comparison phases will increase visibility to customers that have not yet decided what product or brand they wish to purchase. Research, Comparison and Buy represent the three basic phases of online purchase behavior.

  7. Google Shopping: Why PLAs Aren't So Bad for Merchants

    Google Shopping’s recent evolution has brought quite a bit of flack on the comparison shopping engine. At this point, the Product Listing Ads (PLA) accounts I was managing were set up with detailed ad groups for brands, best sellers, price buckets...