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  1. 9 Things You Must Update When Moving Your Business Location

    If you're running paid advertising campaigns and you're focusing on a local market - your physical address needs to be updated in your targeting or location extensions. If you rely on local search, or mobile search, to bring visitors and customers...

  2. Oklahoma Uses YouTube TrueView Ads to Boost Tourism for a Song [Case Study]

    Regardless of the size of your advertising budget, it's a challenge to reach consumers in a technology-driven, multimedia world, but Google has found a unique and effective way to place one's message before an increasingly mobile and fluid market.

  3. Social Ad Revenue Forecast to Hit $11 Billion by 2017 [Report]

    Native social formats, including video and mobile-social advertising will be the principal market growth drivers. Mobile social advertising is also expected to become a major growth sector. The report of growth for mobile social advertising revenue...