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Go Market 2009 q4

  1. Retailers Increase Spend on Search in Time for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

    The increase on search spend among retailers is promising for the state of the search market overall," said Roger Barnette, CEO of SearchIgnite. Research released from SearchIgnite suggest a strong Q4 for the U.S.retail sector ahead of Black Friday...

  2. European refineries face difficult times

    They see all these big projects in the Middle and Far East, many being export-driven refineries, and some of those exports are either going to attack the European market or they’re a substitution for gasoline exports into North America.

  3. Nomura reports $3.8bn loss

    The financial services company said the results were driven by a series of "one-off" losses from exposure to Madoff funds, Icelandic banks, monoline insurers and the acquisition of Lehman Brothers' Asia-Pacific operations, as well as tumultous...

  4. SearchDay | The Better You Rank...the Better You Rank!

    They found that Google held onto its 76% market share while Yahoo gained 3%. Today's Top Story: MarkJackson The Better You Rank.the Better You Rank! SEW EXPERTS: AU NATURAL The more popular your Web site is, the better the likelihood that your Web...

  5. SearchDay | Use Caution When Growing Your Site

    Part 2 BRAND EQUITY Many companies still believe they need to get users into their prospecting databases in order to market to them. Today's Top Story: EricEnge Use Caution When Growing Your Site BY THE NUMBERS If you're planning on rapidly...