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Go Global Billion Searches

  1. Note to FTC: Google Satisfies Information Needs Way More Than Shopping Needs

    And to place something else into perspective, of the 100 billion searches conducted on Google every month, just how many of those are “informational queries” compared to commercially related, or actual “shopping” queries?

  2. Google’s Human Trafficking Ad Policy Questioned

    They say the results for such searches as [adult fun] and [buy foreign women] speak for themselves (of course, these ads will go away if you use strict Google SafeSearch filtering). As a global leader and innovator in internet technologies, Google...

  3. Will Yahoo Torch its Search Deal With Microsoft, Outsource Search to Google?

    Yahoo's share of search has been shrinking in recent months, though 2.4 billion searches were conducted on Yahoo in February, according to comScore. Though one of the rumors has Yahoo gone from search completely, AllThingsD also notes that search...