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  1. Rip Van Winkle: Search Engine Strategies NYC 2004 vs. SES New York 2010

    That's part of the title of a YouTube video with more than 5 million views, "Did You Know; Shift Happens - Globalization; Information Age. After returning from SES New York 2010, my wife asked to clean out the bags of stuff that I've piled in the...

  2. VeriSign Now Supports International Domain Names

    This will come as welcome news to those who are looking to globalization marketing efforts or developing a multi-lingual site. VeriSign has announced that their SSL certificates will now support International Domain Names (IDN).

  3. Globalization of Content Theft - A Personal Story - Part II

    A few hours ago, before I went to bed, I blogged about someone who stole my SEW column content for their own online marketing blog within hours of its publication. I also commented on their blog and asked them to remove the offending content.

  4. Globalization of Content Theft - A Personal Story

    [This entry has been edited since its original posting. Please read the follow-up post after reading this one. I worked for many years to build up my expertise and reputation in online marketing. I considered my recent addition as a "By The Numbers...