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  1. 20:20 Vision: 20 Brands Share Insights on 20 Topics – Earned Media, Search & Social

    Software/Technology, Financial Services and Real Estate lead mobile traffic:These industries experienced significant growth in mobile traffic when compared to desktop. Ask yourself why do visitors (mobile and global) come to your site?

  2. ROPE: 4 Essentials for Global Integrated Digital Marketing

    For example a single product set for a retail organization or a single Business Lines’ product suite for financial services, such as retirement accounts. Here are four key areas for organizations to focus on improving in 2013, in order to drive...

  3. The 4 Ps of Search Engine Optimization

    No one is really patient, especially in business – everyone has bills to pay, executives to report to, investors to satisfy… considering that financial planning typically works on a quarterly basis, it can often be difficult to justify SEO spend...

  4. Should Google Escape the Death Spiral in China by 'Losing Face'?

    Speculation in the industry suggests that, thanks to general economic growth in China and in online advertising, Google's revenues are level or even slightly up over what they were -- and they probably have lower marketing costs in China as a...

  5. YouTube will Move Right Along as Though Nothing had Happened

    As Richard Waters of the Financial Times reported on Friday, Hurley conceded that his influence at the company had already waned, saying in a statement, "For the past two years, I've taken on more of an advisory role at YouTube as Salar Kamangar...

  6. Editor & Publisher Magazine Shutting Down After 108 Years

    Nielsen is selling eight other trade publications -- including The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard -- to e5 Global Media LLC, a new company formed by private equity firm Pluribus Capital Management, and Guggenheim Partners, a financial services...

  7. Search Engine Strategies (SES) Adds Four New Members to Advisory Board of Leading Conference and Expo Series

    The company's principal markets include financial services, legal services, commercial real estate, marketing services and risk management. Erica Schmidt, Global Search Director for iProspect Bryan Eisenberg, New York Times best selling author