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Global Internet Usage

  1. The Evolution of Audience Targeting: 3 Opportunities for Marketers

    As global Internet usage increased and technology improved, advertisers realized they could leverage audiences in more advanced targeting methods. Recent figures released by the United Nations revealed that the world will have nearly 3 billion...

  2. Mobile Now Exceeds PC: The Biggest Shift Since the Internet Began

    Mobile Exceeds PC Internet Usage for First Time in History In early 2014, the landscape in which businesses operate changed forever when Internet usage on mobile devices exceeded PC usage. Mobile is preferred over the PC for executives conducting...

  3. The Growing Importance of International Mobile Search

    For a long time now English has served as the lingua franca, or common language, of the Internet. These figures represent the constantly increasing rates of Internet penetration and accessibility in developing markets such as Latin America and Asia.

  4. World IPv6 Launch: What it Means for Content Owners & SEO

    As of May 22, 2012, global adoption was only at about 0.68 percent of the total Internet population but, according to Jason Fesler, Distinguished Architect at Yahoo, that number is likely to increase to between 30 and 40 percent of total usage...

  5. CIVETS: New Global Marketing Opportunities in Emerging Economies

    Internet Usage On the Rise Internet usage in the CIVETS is high and increasing rapidly. Opportunities via the Internet are waiting to be taken. According to Internet World Stats Indonesia has 55 million Internet users, which represents only 22.4...

  6. Google’s Mobile World & Vision for 2012

    More than 1 billion people will use mobile devices as their primary internet access point. A new Google study on smartphone usage shares new data from a survey of 1,000 participants in six countries – the U.S.the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and...

  7. How to Visualize the Ridiculously Big Numbers Representing Global Online Video Usage

    Finally, an analysis of selected markets with the highest penetration of online video viewing revealed that 93.6 percent of Internet users in Turkey watched video during the month, followed by Canada with 90.9 percent of web users consuming video.

  8. Asia Search Update: Yahoo Algo Transition Goes to India, Google Eyes Southeast Asia

    Accessing search engines comes a close second at 89 percent as an activity that fuels Internet usage in the country, followed by email and visiting online portals. Social networking (82 percent) is also popular among Filipino youths and a dominant...

  9. State of Search: Strong SEM Industry Growth Projected in 2011

    Out of 11 specific components of search engine marketing, the rise of mobile Internet was selected by the participants as the highest impact on search marketing for 2011, with 79 percent of companies saying mobile will be "highly significant"